It sits. It seethes. It waits. It breeds. It grows. It bleeds. It lives. It breathes. Poison flows from shadowed spaces, spilling over all your edges. From oil drenched rainbows colour seeps, a masquerading masterpiece. Darkness stretches up in greeting, up its jaws completely. Sinking into silent anguish, swallows whole till hope has vanished. ©


Stars fall across your face, mapping the heavens for you to trace. Trail your fingers through the constellations, feeling the pulse of expectation. Galaxies etched forever in nightfall, an intricate dance in a dream so delightful. ©


Sugar and spice is what we’re told but all that glitters isn’t gold. Flames cast fleeting shadows and all sunsets fade to dreams. Half made of silhouettes and nothing in-between. Summer spills into winter’s gloom and the dawn still whispers of the moon. Roses disguised by bitter thorns and laughter masquerades as tears. Hand made recollections to keep as souvenirs. ©


Desolate and faceless, hear the solitary song. Whistling over discarded promises in a low and menacing hum. A dreary threat, hanging over every precipice. Casting mournful shadows that heave with sorrow filled sighs. Abandoned but not graceless, your colour shall not fade. ©