Sugar and spice is what we’re told but all that glitters isn’t gold. Flames cast fleeting shadows and all sunsets fade to dreams. Half made of silhouettes and nothing in-between. Summer spills into winter’s gloom and the dawn still whispers of the moon. Roses disguised by bitter thorns and laughter masquerades as tears. Hand made recollections to keep as souvenirs. ©


Desolate and faceless, hear the solitary song. Whistling over discarded promises in a low and menacing hum. A dreary threat, hanging over every precipice. Casting mournful shadows that heave with sorrow filled sighs. Abandoned but not graceless, your colour shall not fade. ©


Feel yourself evaporating, your resolution has lost all focus. Dreams so taut, they’re saturated. Ripped and torn, shredded and clawed. Swallowed hard by sedated demons as they rise from their uneasy slumber. Irises no longer echo hues of summer, engulfed by shades of the darkest winter. ©



Searching for unattainable desires, weaving through withered aspirations that litter the ground. Never losing sight as you tiptoe around the fallen debris of what came before. The craving that burns in your eyes is unmistakable, fanning the flames with deadly determination. The addictive pursuit of the elusive flows forever in your veins. ©


Woven in mystery, an ancient calling. Shadows and light interlaced in an eternal dance, can you see the unseen? Beguiling in her fluidity, captivated by a glance. Enticed by the ethereal, a delicate beauty suspended in a blissful dream. A graceful power, divine immortality. A name that feels like home. ©